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2013 Food Challenge Testimonials

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Another amazing Food Challenge has occurred.  We had so many unbelieveable changes in so many of our athletes!  We can't express to you all how incredibly difficult it is to pick the top 3!  Every single athlete who completed the 2 month challenge and improved their food intake had crazy changes!  Not only in their bodies, but in their performance and their lives.  Please take a minute or two and read some of the Testimonials from folks who participated in the 2013 Spring Food Challenge.  Their stories are incredible!!!


Spring Food Challenge Testimonials 

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Here is my testimonial and I can't
say Thank you enough for being awesome coaches & motivators, its completely
changed my life as I'm happier and feel incredible and also has made me a
better dad. Thanks and look forward to improving even more!

Last September I decided to make
some major changes in my life. That's when I found CrossFit Puyallup. I dove
right in and started making the changes in my diet that Crystal & Anson
recommended and started seeing results immediately. I lost quite a bit of
weight and started to feel awesome and then the results slowed down. That's
when I decided to give the food challenge a go. During the challenge keeping a
journal helped me to see what I was eating & how it affected my
performance. It also made me think wether or not I should be eating certain
things & I definitely don't eat those certain things (or drink!) if I know
I plan to workout because I could see how much it affected my WOD. I'm now
eating in ways I never thought I would and enjoying it. I've never felt better
as I used to always feel bloated & have stomach aches. Since I've made
these changes over 90% of those symptoms are gone and I don't want them back!!
Thanks Crystal and Anson and even everyone at CrossFit Puyallup for being
awesome motivators! You don't get this kind of support at a big gym!

Jerry H

I'm 62 and retired. I have been  a couch potato probably 75% of my
life. In 2006 I had bilateral knee replacements, I sat around thinking I would
never be active again. Then two years ago my husband and I started eating
healthy and walking (a lot).  I never thought I would be able to walk so
much and feel so good. My husband and I walked a 1/2 marathon and that was
 a great sense if accomplishment. Yet, I wasn't where I felt I could be. I
wanted to be stronger. My daughter (Jodi), talked me into trying Crossfit. The
first time I walked into the Box, I just knew I would never be able to do this,
any of it. I decided, well I can always quit. It has been 5 months now and I
can do things I never dreamed I could do. Never would even had tried, hang from
a bar, push ups, and burpees ( what the heck is a burpee). Why on earth would I
want to do these things, I'm 62. Well, I tried and I keep coming back. I can do
them (well sort of). I'm getting better and I am getting stronger. I have aways
to go, I will just keep working on it. I'm hooked! The food challenge has
helped me look at food differently. I was raised on processed food. We always
ate fruits and vegetables, but all the rest came out of a box or a can. It is a
big change and not easy to do. I have quit drinking diet pop, which has been
another big accomplishment. I will continue to be aware of the foods I eat and
make the best choices that I can. This whole process has been very enlightening
and made me aware that I can take control of my life, even at my age. That I
can do things I never thought I could, never thought I would want to. My
burpees may not be very pretty, but are getting better every time I do one.
Still, I will never be late for class.

Kay Newbold

With this Food Challenge I my goal
was to put on weight. All my life I've been a energizer bunny who could run
forever and ever. In college I played basketball and my last two years I ran
track and cross country. While we "lifted" our skills were more
centered around speed, agility and hand-eye coordination. I've always secretly
envied those girls who could could dominate squats and had the legs and booties
to prove it. Upon starting Muay Thai Kickboxing I realized I would need to gain
this strength in order to ever compete with "the big dogs."

The food challenge was a great way for me to learn how to pair the correct
foods in order to achieve the best results for my workouts. It allowed me to experiment
with foods that may have continually upset my stomach as a runner. Having the
journal allowed me to look back on days that I felt horrible (or the day after)
and find certain foods that were the culprit for my pains (such as peanuts,
peanut butter and gluten… oh and darn redvines). It also held me accountable
for what I ate. There were times that I made better choices simply because I
didn't want to have to write down a poor food decision later that night all
because it was 5 minutes faster to make! 🙂

By the end of this food journal I learned to pair my proteins with healthy
carbs (fruits and veggies) and have taught myself the discipline of weekly food
preparation. For me this wasn't about winning money. It was about becoming
stronger and learning how to fuel my body for performance. I have suffered from
gastrointestinal problems for so long and now with the help of my Doctor (who
was elated that I started a food journal because it helped us to better target
the problem) and this food challenge I am finally finding some relief. SO THANK
YOU CrossFit Puyallup!

Danika Lawson

The Food Challenge has been super
fun to be apart of, not only am I changing each week as an athlete in what I
can accomplish, but my ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle in choosing a
" eat to live" kind of approach. You all are a huge encouragement
& it's fun to hear people's stories about how it's changing their lives! I
know that it's definitely changed mine! – I feel as if I got handed the key to
a healthy lifestyle that is attainable & not unrealistic. I ate a protein
& carb at every meal. I worked out 3x week. And I drank a ton of water. How
simple is that? Anyone can do this! 
Having the food challenge is a way to be accountable & I kind of
used it as my conscience! Lol I tell everyone- I feel like it all clicks now…
I "get it"…. There's nothing like results, this really works!! The
only down side… My clothes are falling off! 🙂 If you haven't done one— in
the words of Nike—- just do it!

 Joy Stoll

 I had never worked out in my life
before joining crossfit. Even in high school I never played any sports. After 2
children I was feeling more out of shape then ever before. I got winded going
up the stairs, my resting heart rate was 90, and I was sore every morning from
doing nothing! So when my baby was 6 weeks old I started crossfit Puyallup.
I had always eaten whatever I wanted too. I figured I shouldn't do the food
challenge because I have never had the discipline to do any diet, but I figured
now was the time to at least give it a try since I was just starting and had
nothing to lose.
I saw results immediately! I was able to be more disciplined then I ever
thought I could! I have learned so much! I feel like I have cleansed my body of
all the preservatives and garbage that filled me before. Now I cannot tolerate
dairy or caffeine because I have learned just how good I can actually feel
without them! I am feeling muscles I never knew existed and people are noticing
the difference in my body and muscles. My heart rate is now 55! It is exciting
and I am never going back to how I used to be! I have learned mostly that
unhealthy food is addicting–but results are even more addicting!

Dawn Bogrand

 I will be forever
grateful for all the great things I have learned throughout this second food
challenge. I made a couple of big changes this time around. First was
incorporating juicing into my diet. Second, IsAgenix meal replacement in the
morning and/or post workout. Third, was making the coffee switch. No longer had
a breve latte (YUM!) I now get an americano with a little cream, and I love
it!  I have never felt so energized in my life! I don't need a coffee
everyday. I get one as a special treat 1-2 times per week. I have
enjoyed repeating workouts that I had done during the first food challenge, and
seeing the different results. Increased weight, and faster time! I now know how
to eat. Not out of emotion, or comfort, but for fuel.

Kendall Lipp

is my third or fourth food challenge since starting Crossfit a little over a
year ago.  This time however, I really recorded everything I ate during
the entire two month’s and really tried to clean up my eating.  Since I
was also recently diagnosed with Celiac disease I found the timing perfect to
really eat clean and also to take the time to really learn a new way to
eat.  Over the past two months’ I have seen allot of the things that had plagued
me on a daily basis diminish or completely go away.   Things such as
stomach problems, aches and pains, fatigue etc.   I am feeling allot
better and know it is because of what I have been putting in my body, which for
once is food that is nutritionally good for me.  I am thankful for this
experience as it really showed me the connection between how we eat and how we


  Started my cross fit journey back in
October going though basic and changing small things like drinking more water
and substituting one good eating habit for one bad eating habit.  Finished out the year keeping the small

 In January decided to do that food
challenge, kind of as a New Years resolution if you will!  Took it very seriously and saw some good
results, and changed almost all of my bad eating habits into good eating
habits! Along the way of the first food challenge I learned a lot about how to
eat what to eat, I learned that some of what I thought was good actually

 The break between the food
challenges I used my knowledge that I had learned and put it to use.  Was able to start the next food challenge
running instead of walking.

 I took a look at the notes my
trainers had left and asked some questions. 
Taking in this knowledge I just had to put it to use!  All my notes said protein, protein, protein,
so I found the best product I could! 

 After following all the notes and
used g all my knowledge I was able to double my results from the last food
challenge which felt amazing!  I'm glad I
pushed my self to do this and to do it right, it really is starting to show up
in life, and in WODS. I couldn't be happier about my results and all the
support I'm getting at CFP!

 Josh Lipp

 I came into crossfit with the notion
that If I just work hard enough my body image will take care of the rest. But
as I was eating horribly, it really didn't allow me, physically or mentally, to
be fully available to grow to see the results I wanted. As I took the food
challenge, I was pushed to make a not just a food change but a lifestyle
change. Doing this challenge has not only revealed that I can make better
choices but also that those choices go beyond me and will set me up for a
healthier future. I'm so glad that I took this challenge because now I know
that I have the power and better understanding of what should go into my body.
I love Crossfit Puyallup, thanks for the push!

Mark Johnson


I am relatively new to CrossFit and this is my first
food challenge.  I can’t tell you how
much I have learned and changed in the past 8 weeks, but I will try.  Having grown up eating “whole” foods that we
grew at home in our garden and naturally raised animals I thought I was good.  We ate lots of vegetables and un-processed
foods so I thought I was good.  I only
ate my 3 meals a day and didn’t snack.  I
expected that these meals would be enough even when I spent 5 hours on my
bike.  My hubby had often told me to
snack, it isn’t healthy to eat so far apart, but I thought I knew better.  I thought I was good, my calories are within
a good range, we ate a mixture of foods, mostly non-processed so we are good,
right? Right?  

After being frustrated dealing with Rosacea and
being put on a low grade antibiotic for months at a time and feeling sick every
single day I stopped, gave up hope, and figured I would always have a beat red
face.  A year later, I decided to try
again, this time with an Acupuncturist, since it has been
known to help.  To my surprise he
suggested that I start by eating an elimination diet.  What…before I was treated he wanted me to eat
an elimination diet.  Well ok, that’s
simple I thought.  I eliminate one food
at a time and then we move, finally determining that I don’t have food
triggers.  He explained to me that no
matter what I am treated for and how well treatments go that what I put into my
body daily might still be the problem no matter how many treatments he gave me.  It might be within my body and how it reacted
to what I put into it.  So as I was told
to elimination dairy, grains, eggs, citrus, corn, tomatoes, and potatoes (all
at once!) I had to learn what I could eat and how I was going to find a
balance.  One week later started the CFP
food challenge.  I studied the lists,
attended the class, asked for ideas of what I should eat and realized that the
two “diets” were much the same.  I read
as much as I could and talked with Crystal, Anson, and other athletes to find
what I could eat that would provide the right carbohydrate/protein balance for
every meal as well as stay away from my eliminated foods, what would satisfy a
sweet tooth and how to finally eat things like sweet potatoes that I didn’t
really like.  I learned not only what to
eat and how often but also how to plan ahead and good options when we were out
to eat.  I was accountable for every
nibble, lick, taste I put into my mouth. 
I was finally “forced” to drink more water.  I got help from Crystal on ideas of protein
snacks and breakfasts when I was stuck not eating my usual dairy and
hard-boiled egg.    As time went along I
realized I felt better, I looked better, and 
I didn’t come home starving and looking for anything edible.  My parents came for a visit and embraced how
we ate.  They went back to Colorado
eating similarly to the way we had.  My
in-laws thought it was too much protein, but I recently over-heard them saying
“I need a protein in my snack!). 

I am grateful to have been able to participate in
this challenge.  In the 8 weeks I have
had comments that my skin looks better, I feel better, I feel better doing my
WODs, and I am healthier.  I had my
yearly physical and my total cholesterol went from 199 to 154! I had to buy new
pants as I was looking like a slob with my pants falling down.  I am by no means perfect at my meal planning
and balancing but continue to journal what I eat, plan my meals and snacks, and
try to ask and learn from others.  It
isn’t a “diet” but a new way to of life. 
I feel better and stronger and am striving to continue!  Thanks for the challenge! =)

Lisl Fasser

 This was my second
time participating in the food challenge at CFP, and I think I’m finally
starting to get it. I’ve gone on various diets in the past in a seemingly
endless effort to conform to a box on a chart that tells you how much you are
supposed to weigh at any given height. On these diets, I would lose weight, but
I would feel tired and hungry. Also, none of them worked in the long term
because I would just go back to my old habits that brought me to them

The food challenge is
different because it is not a diet plan or type of food you eat temporarily
until you reach a certain point; it is (not to sound cliché) a complete
lifestyle change! I can feel the difference clean eating has made on my energy
level and my ability to complete workouts. I don’t feel hungry like I did on
other diets because I feel like I’m constantly eating a snack. After eating
healthy and nutritious food that actually fuels my body for the past couple
months, I cannot eat the way I used to without feeling slow and bloated. I still
crave junk food at times, especially when there is cake and cookies around…but
I know that if I eat them I will pay for it with the way I feel later.

Even though the food
challenge is over, I have continued my clean eating habits because they are practical
à every meal) and my body feels good.

Jennifer Williams