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2013 New Year’s Food Challenge

Congratulations too ALL of the athletes who took the CFP Food Challenge!!! 

Every single participant improved their food habits and changed their bodies in amazing ways!!  It was very difficult to pick the top 3 challengers because of the awesome changes everyone made.  We are so proud of every single person who took the challenge!! 



1st Place

Wins $412.50

and a Gift Cert for

1 month FREE CrossFit!


Julie 4 AFter

Julie's Story:

Before signing up for the food challenge I pretty much ate
whatever I wanted whether I was hungry or not. 
I typically drank 7 to 10 Diet Cokes a week and ate the equivalent of
about 2 candy bars a day.  I also usually
felt tired, run down, bloated and achy. 
I never attributed what I ate to how I felt. 

Throughout the food challenge I learned what and when to eat.  I’ve lost pounds and inches without feeling
hungry, but more importantly, I feel better than I have for years.  I have more energy and feel stronger, my
workouts are improving and my clothes fit better.   It’s truly been an amazing experience.  I will never go back to eating all that junk
food and drinking that soda again!

2nd Place

Wins $247.50!

Hanna Boyd

Hanna 4 After

Hanna's Story:

my name is Hanna Boyd, I am 15 years old and currently attend Puyallup High
school as a sophomore. I personally have struggled with my self esteem growing
up due to feeling that i was never "skinny" or beautiful enough, this
food challenge paired with CrossFit has changed my whole perspective of what
beautiful is. I used to think that being thin and having your bones show was
beautiful, which sadly is what most young girls see in all the social media and
grow up thinking is the "perfect body". In the past 3 months i have
learned you are not eating food to pleasure yourself you are supposed to eat to
fuel your body. I found the most challenging time for me to make healthy
choices was when i was at school. I learned quickly that if you bring money to
school you are tempted to buy candy and junk food. i solved this problem by
taking money out of my backpack and instead packing lots of healthy snacks in
my lunch so i could eat all day(which was also hard since i normally don't eat
enough food!) I was constantly asked by my friends why and how do you always
eat healthy? My answer was simply i have a goal to be happy and proud of my
body and not to worry about how i look in clothes and pictures. Honestly
sometimes the only thing keeping me from going and buying cookies or eating my
friends bad food when offered was the thought of my weekly cheat meal! I
definitely think that my life has been changed by these last 3 months because i
am now more confident then i have ever been and even though i still have along
way to go i will keep pushing on until i am proud!


3rd Place

Wins $165.00

Joy Stoll

Joy 4 AFter

Joy's Story:

My name is
Joy.  I started my CrossFit Journey this
January as well as the Food challenge.

 A little
background on me: I am the happy wife of Seth Stoll (who has since started
basic) and Mom to three little girls. I have struggled with my weight in the
last 2 years and just kind of put it on the back burner. 

 Before starting
the food challenge I was the classic "bagel girl"  Crystal talked about. ;-)  I didn't think about what i put in my mouth,
if I got tired, I ate.  Well…truthfully,
if I was having ANY emotion I ate!  I
think I just reached a point where I thought I wasn't worth feeling good about
myself so why bother.  I had given up.

 In december
Tiffany Flaherty invited me to come join the basic class.  I was a little scared because I had seen some
of those crazy YouTube videos, and thought "there's NO WAY!!"  But alas, I joined.  And I thought, heck while I'm at it…why not
join the food challenge!  I was sick of
feeling sick and tired – I wanted results!

 After the food
challenge clinic, I was super excited to start changing the way I ate. I felt a
glimmer of hope that I might just starting feeling better in general.  I remember a few things Crystal said very
vividly about having your two hands open – one should have protein and the
other a carb.  Also Crystal & Anson
made it very clear that veggies are carbs!! 
Amazing the things that suddenly click!

 The first few
days were very strange, because I was thinking about what I was eating and
drinking, how much, and the accountability of writing it down.  I started to feel the results:  first I felt energy.  I didn't feel sluggish, I wanted to play with
my kids and do things!   I was also
enjoying the food.  Eating Paleo (for the
most part) really is a very flavorful way to eat, its "way yummy!"

 It makes me
giggle to think back to the start when I could barely do a burpee, or even run
around the building once without stopping to catch my breath. I knew that I had
to do this no matter what and the time was now! 
I  started to feel more confident
as I started building muscle and performing better and better each
workout.  I starting shedding pounds, and
along with it the fear that I wouldn't be able to finish what i started.

 After eating right for two months and doing
CrossFit I feel like a new person, physically and mentally.  I gained confidence in myself, and I can say
that I feel proud of myself for doing something hard.  Its been a long time since I could say that.  I needed to find a new healthy way of letting
go of life's stress and recharging, and I've found that now.  For me I can't imagine doing the WODs without
eating right; it goes hand in hand.  I
love my results, and I did it for me.