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6 Years of CrossFit Puyallup!

Here I sit this Sunday afternoon, feeling blessed beyond measure.  Six years ago TODAY, this gym hosted our first WOD (the “ODWOD”).  It was an amazing day of watching my dreams, desires and passion for fitness unfold in such a way as to lead us to today.  At that time, I was SCARED out of my mind at the thought of running a business on my own.  I did alot of praying before starting this gym, asking God if this was the direction He wanted me to go.  It was a huge leap to take! A leap I did not feel ready to take.  But, all of His answers pointed to YES! I am so glad that I listened to His spirit on my soul to GO FOR IT! He was the one who gave me the love of fitness and working with people, after all….. and He planned all my steps up to that day, the day of the first WOD.  It has not been an easy 6 years, that is for sure.  But it has been amazing.  I am so grateful that He has led me here, to this day, six years later, through some very trying times, and continues to led the way for this mission, this business, this calling on my life.

I have to give my sincere and deepest appreciation for all of the athletes, coaches and other staff members that have walked through these doors in the last 6 years.  Each and every person has been a true blessing!  From athletes that just feed my soul with their fitness successes to coaches that share my passion and serve others with the same love!  The people are so numerous and the circumstances are so amazing that I can’t help but know that God sent every single one of them for a very special purpose.

My family has been a strong foundation and source of great pride in this endeavor as well.  My parents always being a rock for me and supporting me every step of the way, my children always being patient with a busy mom and then making me cry with blessings as they reach for fitness goals of their own and now, my husband of 3 years, who has become a strong supporter and passionate partner in this mission. Wow.  I am so undeserving.  But grateful.  Thank you Jesus.

This month we are celebrating 6 years with a new logo for our original company name (same awesome CrossFit gym and classes), a fresh direction for the gym and some fun events in the next couple of months!

We will be at the Puyallup Farmer’s Market on Saturdays until Oct. 14th and hosting workouts in Pioneer Park at Noon on 9/16 Friends & Family WOD, 9/30 CrossFit KIDS WOD, and 10/14 Mobility/Yoga WOD.


Thank you again.  Every one of you.  You are all my family and I appreciate being able to follow my passion and love on people with burpees!

See you in the gym!

~Coach Crystal