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  1. 6 Years of CrossFit Puyallup!

    6 Years of CrossFit Puyallup!

    Here I sit this Sunday afternoon, feeling blessed beyond measure.  Six years ago TODAY, this gym hosted our first WOD (the “ODWOD”).  It was an amazing day of watching my dreams, desires and passion for fitness unfold in such a way as to lead us to today.  At that time,...

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  2. The CrossFit “Affiliate”

    The CrossFit “Affiliate”

    by Crystal Johnson   CrossFit Puyallup is and has been a CrossFit “Affiliate” for over 6 years. What does this mean? This means that you are part of a local fitness community that is backed by a worldwide fitness community whose aim is to forge broad, general and inclusive fitness...

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  3. Athlete Spotlight!

    Athlete Spotlight!

    by Sarah Henderson                   Our new Athlete Spotlight winner is Derick Coumbs! Derick began his CrossFit journey at CrossFit Puyallup last fall.  He had heard about CrossFit and had always wanted to try more Olympic Lifting.  In September of 2016, he started...

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  4. Athlete of the Month!

    Athlete of the Month!

    by Sarah Henderson Our September Athlete of the Month, was Julie Agnew! Here is a little bit about Julie and her journey here at CFP…… Crossfit Puyallup appealed to Julie initially because of the location. It was close to her home and she didn’t want to commute to workout.  Her...

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    by Sarah Henderson Say hello to CrossFit Puyallup’s August “Athlete of the Month”- Amanda Bugosh Amanda was introduced to CFP in April 2014 and has been an on and off member since. In November, Amanda had a baby and came back to CFP January 2016. She decided to take it seriously...

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  6. CFP Athlete of the Month

    CFP Athlete of the Month

    by Sarah Henderson                   Deb Hatstat ! Our “Athlete of the Month” title goes to one of CFP’s dedicated athletes that we all know and love! Deb Hatstat!  Deb’s journey at CrossFit Puyallup started in June 2014.   Before starting with CFP, Deb...

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  7. Athlete of the Month

    Athlete of the Month

    MIKEY By Sarah Henderson Congratulations to Mike Allen! He is our CrossFit Puyallup Athlete of the Month! An honor well deserved! He is always working hard and motivating others! Mike, aka “Mikey”, started CrossFit with BASIC Training at CFP in August of 2015 and has enjoyed it ever since. When...

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  8. Meal Prep 101

    Meal Prep 101

                    By Sarah Henderson   “Meal prepping” seems to be all the rage these days. Going onto Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram gets you inspired when seeing some of your top athlete role models posting their colorful beautiful pictures of their meals for the...

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  9. What is your WHY?

    What is your WHY?

    We want to know WHY you CrossFit! What motivates you? Are you here to lose weight? Gain weight? Get stronger? Compete? Make friends? What is it??? Rather than a New Year’s Resolution, CrossFit Puyallup’s vision for 2016 is focusing on your “WHY” Join us in campaigning to focus on the...

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Can I do CrossFit?

Have you ever wondered if CrossFit was “right” for you? Are all of your “fit” friends doing it? Have you thought that CrossFit is way too hard for you? Well, I would like to encourage you to read a little story about a man who didn’t let any of those questions get in his way. I would like to introduce you a remarkable athlete who has proven that Crossfit is right for him, that he is more fit and it is for anyone at any fitness level. Derek Rand.

Derek has an inspiring story to tell of his journey to fitness through CrossFit. I am privileged that he chose CrossFit Puyallup to begin his journey. I have found myself, on numerous occasions, in tears because of the purpose and drive that Derek exhibits in his workouts and the changes he has made in his life outside of the gym. He inspires me. Maybe he will inspire you too.

~Crystal Schiemer, Owner/Head Coach, Crossfit Puyallup

Here is Derek’s story in his words……

My entire life I have been over weight. I have tried just about everything, I was even a vegetarian for 3 years (shudders). I was never in denial about my weight, I just didn’t know any better. Being social wasn’t fun because of the accommodations everyone had to make for me, having to move tables so I could fit in a booth, or not being able to even clothe myself properly. Trying to deal with the day to day of being overweight lead to depression, which lead to a quiet dark moody self.

My turning point which set me on my CrossFit path, was when the Safety Administrator for my job informed that he had to order a special harness and tether for me. He also gently informed me that they did not make the harnesses them any bigger. Meaning if I was not able to be safe in my job, I most likely would have to take a demotion.

Since joining I have turned myself around. I have gone from almost hyperventilating, being coached on how to breathe, from not able to run at all, to running a 5k, setting a record in my back squat, to taking first place in my food challenge, my progression amazes me day to day. Food challenges have been successful for my health and my overall opinion on food itself. I have been through two challenges so far and lost 45 pounds, the pounds keep falling off. I can buy clothes now that fit and have breathing space in any booth. It feels like a freedom I have long desired, which is something I can smile at.

My experience at CrossFit Puyallup has been and will continue to be life changing. I have made so many friends and the support from everyone is amazing. It is so great to hear people cheering for you during the WOD and high-fiving each other after. It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are currently at because everyone supports each other. Crystal and Kym have created an environment that is inviting to everyone not to mention the knowledge and expertise they bring .I can’t thank them enough for helping me become a better person both inside and out.