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Athlete of the Month!

by Sarah Henderson


Our September Athlete of the Month, was Julie Agnew! Here is a little bit about Julie and her journey here at CFP……

Crossfit Puyallup appealed to Julie initially because of the location. It was close to her home and she didn’t want to commute to workout.  Her interest in CrossFit stemmed from her passion for dirt biking. Something she has been doing since she was four years old. She is pretty good at it! She started racing later in life and learned that the chicks who are fast, the ones winning, they do it so she figured she should too!

Julie said the evening of orientation, she’ll never forget it.She sat in her car until the very last minute! Julie said, “I was almost scared to go in.  I just didn’t get it.  It was a ‘next level’ commitment to me.  It was hard to simply walk through the door!”


Crossfit has changed Julie’s mindset. Instead of stressing and obsessing over body image she began to love what her body could do. Julie completed her CrossFit Level 1 course in September and passed!!!!  She has a passion for those who are new to CrossFit.  She wants to work with basic training. She is a little nervous for the test but she said it is worth it to coach others and walk along side them as their lives change. You got this Julie!

Last year Julie faced a devastating loss. Her father passed away.  Crossfit helped her through that very difficult time. It kept her mind sharp while making really hard decisions. It gave her peace when situations got stressful.

Julie advises her peers to remember what brought them through that door in the first place. When it gets difficult, dirty, you’re frustrated, weak, or feeling less than… that is the time to think about your successes. In those moments give yourself some grace. Julie also came to the realization of you want to be better you must work harder. YOU! Not other athletes, or your coaches. It is personal to take initiative and ask for help and enjoy the best hour of your day!