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Athlete Spotlight!

by Sarah Henderson










Our new Athlete Spotlight winner is Derick Coumbs!

Derick began his CrossFit journey at CrossFit Puyallup last fall.  He had heard about CrossFit and had always wanted to try more Olympic Lifting.  In September of 2016, he started the BASIC Training course at CFP and got his butt kicked.  Derick says, “I vomited and doubted myself but I never stopped going.”

The photo below was taken last January at a friend’s birthday party.  Derick says, “I remember looking at the photo on Facebook after and being shocked how obese I looked. I worked out in college but I never felt challenged and it never really got me the results I wanted.”  Derick got depressed and continued to gain weight until he decided to make a change with CrossFit.  When Derick first started, he felt uncomfortable at his weight of 260 pounds. He really wanted to try something new that would push him to his limits while helping him lose weight.











Before CrossFit, Derick had no portion control and ate a lot of bread, pasta, chocolate, cookies and other processed food almost everyday.  Now, Derick has been doing CrossFit for over 7 months and says he can’t imagine doing anything else!

Derick participated in the CFP Food Challenge in January 2017. Coach Derek suggested he try switching up his food after reviewing his food journal and noticing he was eating the same things he had been for 3 months. Derick started experimenting with new meals and foods. The results were that he had a much more varied and delicious diet plan! Now Derick prepares his meals for the week every Sunday using a Paleo diet model. This allows him to stay on top of his nutrition. His meal prep and conscientious choices helped him lose weight.










Through CrossFit, Derick has grown to be more confident in his abilities both physically and mentally. The coaches have really instilled a belief in him that he can do anything he sets his mind to.  Derick says, “(they) gave me the courage to train and successfully run a 5K while helping me lose 40 pounds!”  Now Derick is working towards running his first 10K while prepping for the Navy.










Derick’s advice to someone thinking about trying out CrossFit is this: “Just do it. Be prepared to get your butt kicked every time you workout….but in all honesty, it is so worth it.  The community, coaches, and friends you make at the box make the 1,000 burpees worth it!  I will be eternally grateful to everyone at the box for supporting and pushing me to become the best version of myself.  I wholeheartedly believe I am that person now because of them and CrossFit.”

Thanks to the high standard of movements at CFP, Derick says he was taught the correct way to perform many movements he was incorrectly performing before. Derick never pictured himself to be athletic or fit. Now, he is both! For Derick, the sky is the limit.  All thanks to his experience at CrossFit Puyallup!

Congratulations Derick!