by Sarah Henderson


Say hello to CrossFit Puyallup’s August “Athlete of the Month”- Amanda Bugosh

Amanda was introduced to CFP in April 2014 and has been an on and off member since. In November, Amanda had a baby and came back to CFP January 2016. She decided to take it seriously when she came back and set real goals for herself and she hasn’t looked back!


Her physical changes are night and day and everyone she knows has taken noticed. Amanda no longer wears plus size clothing and she is working on getting under the “Obese” mark.


Amanda’s emotional well being was put into a drastic overhaul. She struggled with depression ever since she was 12 years old. Friends and family have taken notice that she is happy now. She participates in as much as she can. Amanda is no longer self conscious to the point of not wanting to leave her house. Amanda said, “I have learned to love ME and because of that I have also become a much better wife, mother and friend.” Wow! What an amazing testament to crossfit being more than a “fad”. It truly is a holistic approach to better overall health and wellbeing.


Amanda has Poly cystic ovarian syndrome and it’s taken its toll. She struggled with infertility, obesity and much more due to PCOS. It’s a beast and not an easy one to concur. Crossfit has equipped her with what she needed in the knowledge department for food as well as exercise to get her PCOS under control. There is no cure for PCOS but Amanda no longer feels like PCOS is running her life.

The food challenge was awesome part of Amanda’s success. She had amazing results! Every time she went down in size, she wanted to cry happy tears! The food was the easy part for her because after about a week of eating clean the cravings were gone and she had so much more energy. She struggled with eating enough, but meal prepping has helped a lot and getting ideas for meals and snacks from other participants really helped her get past her typical bland chicken and rice.

Amanda, we see you girl! Killing the WOD’s and working hard to reach your goals! Keep up the incredible work!