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August Athlete of the Month!!!!

by Sarah Henderson

Congratulations to our CrossFit Puyallup Athlete of the month for August!

Jeremy Cowart!












Be sure to Hi-5 Jeremy the next time you WOD with him! He started attending Crossfit Puyallup in May of 2014. When Jeremy is at the box he is always working hard. This year Jeremy participated in his first Crossfit Open and did a great job. The coaches and fellow athletes have noticed all of his hard work. Jeremy has made a lot of changes, both physical and emotional, in his CrossFit journey.

Apart from the physical changes to Jeremy’s body, he has experienced changes in his mood. He feels better overall. He is a much happier person and has a lot more energy than he has had in the past. Another big stride for Jeremy is that he is no longer intimidated by the WOD’s anymore. Anyone who has been doing CrossFit for a while knows how exciting that is!







Jeremy is an ambitious athlete. He has set the bar high for himself. His biggest CrossFit goal is to be able to RX all of the WOD’s. His biggest life goal is to stay healthy for his son.

Jeremy loves that the coaches are always happy to see the athletes. Also, they are willing to work with everyone one on one during the WOD’s when needed. He also loves that during all of the WOD’s the coaches are so encouraging. He said, “They know our names and greet us with a smile.”

Jeremy comes to classes consistently. He had a short break from CrossFit and said the hardest part of getting back into the swing of things is simply showing up. Once he was there it was back to business as usual. Jeremy has a great time at Crossfit Puyallup and sometimes it doesn’t even feel like a workout. It is more like having fun with his friends!

Thank you Jeremy for the inspiration!