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BASIC Training starts June 5th!

FREE Orientation and introduction to our CrossFit beginner’s course called “BASIC Training”

This is a 1 hour intro to our beginners program that introduces you to our gym, explains the program and gives you an opportunity to get a tour and ask questions.


If you are ready to sign up now, here is the link !  If you are ready to commit, we have a Summer Special offered now that is a 3 month package for 15% off!  Let us know if you want this and we will send you the link!

Folks who are already signed up for the class will be in attendance as this is their first day of the course. If you are new to the information or still deciding on whether to join, this is a great opportunity to find out all you will need to know!

We look forward to meeting you and please message us with any questions you may have prior to the orientation day.

Orientations are held at 6 am, 10:30 am and 7 pm