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  1. Saturday WOD Fundraiser for Baby Bennett

    Saturday WOD Fundraiser for Baby Bennett

    “Fundraiser for Baby Bennett” This Saturdays WODs will be performed in support of Coach Jon and his wife, Andrea’s son, Bennett. Bennett was born with Sprengel’s Deformity – a rare congenital skeletal abnormality where one shoulder blade sits higher on the back than the other. The deformity is due to...

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  2. Boys Club 10-18-2013

    Another great Friday night with Coach Keith!! We did 3 rounds of 3 lifts … they counted for points so they had to be heavy, but not so that you couldn't do them. Back Squats Strict Press Dead Lift After this we did Death by Power Clean. 1 minute rounds,...

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  3. Mark Your Calendars!!

    * COMING EVENTS *    THURSDAY, November 28th    CFP is closed for Thanksgiving!   FRIDAY, November 29th        Black Friday WOD, 9:00 – 11:00 am !!! 3 WODS in 2 Hours !!!(NO other classes that day)   SATURDAY, November 30th        Friends & Family Day! Bring your pals to WOD...

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