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CFP Athlete of the Month!

Congratulations to Mike Zaro!

He is CrossFit Puyallup’s December 2015 Athlete of the Month!











Mike began his CrossFit Puyallup journey in February 2015. You can catch him bright and early in the morning classes!  Mike said his experiences with the coaches and fellow athletes at CrossFit Puyallup have been very welcoming and encouraging.

Since attending CrossFit Puyallup, Mike has made many improvements, especially in his squats! With a combination of his dedication and the wonderful coaching here at CFP, he says his improvements came largely due to the increase in his hip mobility and the great coaching.

There is not one particular skill or WOD that Mike is looking to perfect, but his ultimate goal is to continually improve his strength and mobility. Mike will have no probable attaining this goal with his dedication. Mike attends classes usually four times a week. Early on Mike had hip and joint discomfort which made his squats challenging.  His good form in squats and his improved hip mobility are big accomplishments for him. Working through the discomfort is a stand out quality he sees in himself. This is an area he wants to keep working on.

Mike always has a positive attitude in classes and is constantly encouraging others.  His determination in improving his fitness is inspiring and motivating to the other athletes.  He is definitely a go-getter, never giving up!

Overall, since starting at CrossFit Puyallup he simply feels better. Things like getting in and out of the car, walking, and other normal physical activities are easier than when he started.  He now has his daughter, Kayla, joining the ranks of CFP athletes too!

Mike was recently appointed as the Chief of Police for the City of Lakewood and we are grateful to help our police officers remain strong and able for their jobs!

Please come out to support and congratulate Chief Zaro, his fellow police officers, and our athlete volunteers this Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 9:30am. CrossFit Puyallup has been collecting food to benefit Lakewood Police department’s support of the Emergency Food Network.  For every 10 pounds donated they will perform an AMRAP WOD for 1 minute. As of now, the total is about 380lbs!  Hope to see you all there!