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CFP Athlete of the Month

by Sarah Henderson











Deb Hatstat !

Our “Athlete of the Month” title goes to one of CFP’s dedicated athletes that we all know and love! Deb Hatstat!  Deb’s journey at CrossFit Puyallup started in June 2014.   Before starting with CFP, Deb had some serious health concerns that were well on the way to being under control. Most of Deb’s life has been a struggle with being overweight, trying all types of “diets.”  In her earlier years, physical fitness and health wasn’t advocated for all ages and genders as we now see.  In 2009 she had a stroke, complicated by being diagnosed with Afib and a congenital heart issue unbeknownst to her that she was born with, as well as diabetes, all at the same time. This this was a tough pill for Deb to swallow with much uncertainty of what lied ahead.

Deb had to learn to eat like a diabetic—not an easy feat—and work on losing weight, which she was doing slowly but surely, but after a while the conclusion she came to was that the only way the weight loss would progress more rapidly and continue for the rest of her life was to change the exercise component of her journey. She refused to be a statistic that had to take insulin for the rest of her life, and committed to do what she needed to avoid that at all costs. Deb lost close to 75 pounds, no longer takes diabetes medicine and only monitors the blood sugar levels once a week—and her blood pressure at the last doctor visit was 116/52!











Deb’s routine at CFP depends on her work schedule. Typically she does yoga, wods, mobility, and open gym weekly. Some of her workouts have been modified to accommodate various injuries. So multiple times through the week she does stretching techniques to keep things like sciatica in check. Deb’s advice to her fellow athletes is, “There is no magic solution or quick fix for getting the results you want to have happen and to sustain a healthy life. There has to be a SERIOUS COMMITMENT—it may be the most important decision you might make and do the work! If nothing else, you have to trust in the process. “

Something you may not know about Deb is that she joined the Air Force during the Viet Nam Era as an Air Traffic Controller, stationed in various locations in the U.S. (Texas, Mississippi, Washington, and Texas) where she met her future husband while she was stationed at McCord Air Force Base.  The last 35+ years she has worked in the legal field as a legal assistant.











Deb appreciates the loving, safe and supportive environment that CFP has. She appreciates her peers that all continue to motivate her rather than allowing her to stay in the background. Deb loves the coaches. They are so knowledgeable and helpful  to her journey toward staying healthy and fit.  She appreciates their ongoing education to get better and better at what they do for all of our athletes. She never expected the emotional attachment that would happen through all of this.  This is a family she is a part of for the rest of her life.

Debby is truly an inspiration to us all!