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CFP’s October Athlete Spotlight – Dale Reichert


by Sarah Henderson











Here at Crossfit Puyallup we like to highlight those folks who go above and beyond. With that being said, we would like to recognize Coach Dale in our Athlete Spotlight this month! You can catch Dale coaching early in the mornings and in the afternoon during the week. And when he is not coaching you will see him and his wife Mary WODing along side the athletes. If you catch him on a day that he is not typically coaching that is because he is always quick to fill in for another coach when needed.


If you don’t know him, let me tell you a little bit about him. Coach Dale’s credentials as a coach are many, from his start at another Crossfit from 2010-2014, a master’s competitor in the CF open, CFL1 certificate holder , 2 years of programming and coaching CrossFit classes, teaching cross-training intro classes,  coach at Roach Strength and Conditioning  from July 2014-August 2015, USAW Olympic Weightlifting LWC Referee, developing and instructing Olympic intro classes, as well as programming and instructing and coaching Olympic weightlifting.












Dale strives to help others with their health, fitness, and wellness. I think we can all attest to this. From the second you walk into his class, Coach Dale warmly greets and acknowledges each one of the athletes. He is always in a good mood and ready to train. Coach Dale takes the time to listen to his athletes and tailors the workout to make sure the athletes are being safe. He will not hesitate to correct you if you are not properly executing a movement but will also give you a thorough explanation on how to improve it. Also, he will challenge you to give a little more when he knows you are shorting yourself.

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So be sure to congratulate Coach Dale when you see him around the box! If you haven’t been in one of his classes yet make the time to check one out! He will not disappoint! You have his full attention from group stretches all the way through the last person completing their WOD. He cheers everyone on the whole time and makes each athlete know they matter. Thank you coach Dale!