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Summertime Food Challenge Testimonials

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Amazing testimonials from some of our Summertime Food Challenge participants….take a minute to read about their experiences and challenges….If you are wondering about starting our next Food Challenge (Oct 1st), then read these!


2012 Summertime
Food Challenge Testimonials

I loved the Food Challenge. 
Is that enough?  Honestly, I cannot believe how much it taught
me and what it allowed me to accomplish. 
I was already following the CFP Nutrition Guidelines for the most part
but had reached a plateau in my weight loss. 
The added benefit of writing everything down and the tips provided by
both of you along the way really helped me jump start the process again. The cleanse
was FANTASTIC.  I will be doing those a
few times a year – in fact, I’ve already decided to do one before Thanksgiving
and another in January due the holiday mess. 
My diet is part Isagenix and part Paleo. 
I use Isagenix for weekday breakfasts and late night meals.  When I eat “real” food, I try to stick to
Paleo.  I’ve found it’s really not that
difficult and quite tasty.  My family has
watched the additional changes in me over the last 2 months and while my sister
continually reminds that she hates me (I’m shrinking faster than she is), my
parents are going to try Paleo.  And, my
mom may start CrossFit.  I’m hoping to
convince her to do her Basic here at CFP. 
I’ve even inspired a co-worker to challenge his brother to a weight loss

Over the last 2 months, I didn’t lose as much weight as I would
have hoped for but I can still see the changes in my body and couldn’t be
happier.  Sometimes, I don’t even feel
like I’m same person from 5 months ago when I look in the mirror and THAT is a
terrific way to start the day. 


Prior to taking part in this
experiment I thought that I did a fairly good job of eating healthy and
drinking enough water…..WRONG! This was truly and eye opening experience for
me. I am a fairly active person with some sort of physical activity happening
most nights of the week (crossfit, fencing, ect.). I loved being active but
always felt so tired at the end of the day. Some of you know I am a preschool
teacher and work full time with 3 and 4 year old's. I love it but combining
that with all my evening activities was really putting some stress me and
others I am close to. The one thing I noticed right away after I started eating
right was all of the energy I seemed to have! I felt so good that I told myself
I would not go back to eating junk. I have stuck with that and now know that I
will never go back to eating the SAD diet again. Sometimes I miss things like
doughnuts and candy but I don't miss the way those things made me FEEL and that
is what keeps me on track. Mostly on track anyway (Yeah I have a thing for
cupcakes). I was lucky enough to have a built in support system in Emily since
she committed to the challenge too. It was much easier having her there to keep
me honest and attentive to my journal. I don't think I would have done nearly
as well without her. I am just happy that I know the right way to fuel my body
and now I can pass that information on to other people.


Ok, the food challenge was hard for me. To be honest I
wasn't as strict as I should've been. Although my eating was much, actually
much cleaner than in the past and I would think twice before eating many things
(and would actually not eat it not, just 'think about not eating it")! Lol
my downfall is treats so, I would make and concoct 'paleo' friendly desserts.
(thanks for enjoying them with me crustal!! Lol). I also loooove fruit which I
think I had too much of rather than grabbing a veggie instead. In the end… I
learned, baby steps for me! I feel now that I've looked at the before and after
pics and the pretty big difference made not going full blown motivates me to
try even harder on a daily basis to eat cleaner to achieve my goals!! 

Thank you Crystal and Anson for this undertaking and all of
the encouragement on a day to day basis! 

– Mandy

The food challenge was something I had to challenge myself
to even participate in. I finally sat myself down and said, listen…you aren't
happy with where you are physically, why are you passing up an opportunity for
people who know more than you do to urge and cheer you in the right direction?
I grudgingly did it, and at the end now, I could not be happier about the whole
experience. It was hard…giving up the amount of bread I was eating and giving
up eating whatever I wanted (usually bad choices). Documenting what I was
eating was great for me, because I knew that someone was going to see it
instead of me being able to hide it. In the end, I still want some bad foods,
but am better equipped to handle how and when and how much I eat.  I
am now 100% better equipped to make food choices that will give me energy (more
than I ever have had) and maintain the weight I have lost and the muscle that I
have built. Oh, and it was fun to be involved with other people doing the same
thing and sharing info and stories. I HEARTILY recommend it to everyone.


I'd like to thank CrossFit Puyallup for the
opportunity to participate in the Food Challenge. Just like in our WODs, I
found that entering into a new nutrition program can start at my own pace, then
increase in intensity as I gain momentum.


During the 9 day 'Cleanse', I realized that most of what I used to
eat were things I was conditioned to eat, not necessarily what I
needed. During the cleanse I read more about the Paleo Diet and
began following it closely as I could. Of course there were cheat
meals, and days in my journal that showed long intervals between meals,
but Crystal and Anson reminded me that we can always pick right back up
and continue. There is no failure to achieve, just failure to try.


People I see all the time notice there is something different about me.
Some comment on the new haircut or mention things like 'nice
shirt'. One of my sisters I haven't seen for a while didn't recognize me
at all. Others, like the folks I work out with regularly will come right out
and say, 'Wow; you are looking good'. But then, that's what I have come to love
most about CrossFit: the people. Ever encouraging, ever inspiring, ever caring.
When the timer is going and the WOD is half way over, I look around and take
pride in the fact that I'm in the company of this caliber of people.


My wife and I food shop together now. She has seen what this diet has done
for me and is now enjoying the awesomeness of meat-vegetables-nuts & seeds.
She's down 2 sizes in 3 weeks and is looking forward to new clothes shopping!


Thank you CFP
– Dave

I had NO IDEA that I had such a
POOR diet!  The food challenge
created eye-opening accountability.  It
was certainly a re-education process.  I
learned that my usual diet (full of
processed foods, fast foods, empty carbs, & sugar) was prohibiting me from
making progress towards my fitness goals.

I struggled the most in the first 2
weeks.  I started the challenge with a 10
day cleanse in order to reset my body.  I
went through horrible caffeine, carb, sugar, and salt withdraws.  It was also challenging to continue to eat
clean even when I felt like I wasn’t getting results. 

After the first 2 weeks, I began to
feel a HUGE difference in my energy levels.  I felt energetic and refreshed after an
intense workout.  My clothes started to
fit better and I actually dropped down one size!  My confidence, strength, and energy levels
have soared!  I refuse to fall back into my unhealthy eating habits. 

It’s one thing to read or hear about
the benefits of eating healthy… it’s something entirely different to experience
the difference for yourself!



When I started the Food Challenge I was coming off of a
"runner's diet" including whole grains & a lot of carbs.  I
had just finished training from my first marathon & was thinking I should
feel the fittest & healthiest of my life.  Rather, I was bloated,
injured, and eventually became disillusioned with long distance running.
 The week before the race I said to my husband, "I can't wait to get
back to eating Paleo & get back to CFP regularly."  

In July I was determined to make a lifestyle change.
 It was hard to give up cupcakes, baked goods & my favorite gin &
tonic, but what I gained was much more rewarding.  I began to see a waist
again & had much more energy & strength in my workouts.  I was
constantly being surprised by what my body could do when I tested it.  I
hit a lot of PR's between July & September which felt awesome!  It is
such a confidence builder to work really hard for something and have measurable

July & August are the most stressful months of the year
for me with my job as a wedding photographer.  I am almost done with the
busiest season and I will say that eating clean & training consistently
helped me survive a very busy season.  I shot seven weddings during the
challenge and this was the first summer that I have not woken up completely
sore from carrying around gear for 8-10 hours– this is HUGE!!  

I started really wanting to develop a healthy lifestyle that
my kids could see firsthand.  They are well aware of my cupcake &
cookie addiction and having them see me exhibit self-control was the best
example I could provide for them.  How could I ask them to refrain from
things that I couldn't myself?  Limiting sweets to once a week was hard
but I learned that it is possible and worth it.  My skin is clearer, I
have way more energy, my workouts have improved in the box, I feel better about
myself & I feel like I have all the tools to do it all myself now.
 I'm not perfect, but I know what it feels like to eat right & how
awful I feel when I fall off the healthy train.  I am grateful for every
time Crystal would read my food journal and say "You're human, it's ok,
and you're improving!"  Rather than get discouraged like I have in the
past & just quit, I'd keep going & just try to do better the next day.
 Thank you, I am so grateful for you Crystal & Anson!  And I'm
excited for the next round 🙂

– Jenny W.