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Food Challenge Testimonials

2013 Fall Food Challenge Testimonials

The year 2013 has been one of the hardest in my life, I started the year with a very sick baby (and ended it with a very sick preschooler), we were in and out of the hospital, and it was stressful. I didn’t eat much and lost weight, but I was thin, and had no muscle. Fast forward to late spring 2013, my husband had to go to Texas for training for 7 months. My 2 boys and I moved up to Washington State from our home in California to live with my dad while my husband completed his training in Texas. I was a full-time student taking care of my 2 boys, it was hard. Crossfit was my escape, my “me” time. I started gaining weight, in a good way. As a girl seeing the numbers on the scale go up takes a hit mentally, but the coaches at Crossfit Puyallup reassured me that it was GOOD weight gain. I decided to do the food challenge to put their word to the test. I had eaten more than I had in a LONG time, putting healthy, clean fuel in my body. At first I started to gain again, but I could feel my muscles toning up. I started doing things I never thought I could do. Despite having a lot going on in my life right now, I don’t think I would feel as good if it wasn’t for everyone at Crossfit Puyallup. In the end, my muscles are more toned, my pants fit better. It was more than just a physical change, mentally I feel better about myself now, than I ever have in my life. I just finished school with a 3.5 GPA and my husband will be done in a few short days. I can’t wait to continue on my journey of Crossfitting.

~Janelle Carolus



I joined CrossFit in May of this year and this is my first food challenge. I have been overweight almost my whole adult life and type 2 diabetic for the last 12 years. I have really been trying to lose weight and become healthy for the last 5 years or so, I was ready. I have lost weight over the last 5 years but I haven’t felt as good as I have felt in the last 6 months and most recently in the last 2 months incorporating the food challenge in my daily life. I am completely off all my diabetic meds and my blood sugars have never been better as they have been during the food challenge. Always remembering to have a carb and protein together has really changed my thought process when I go to have something to eat, it worked, and it’s simple and easy. I still have bad days and days where I eat less healthy food but I get right back on track because I know tomorrow I have to go do a WOD and its going to be hard! Eating better helps me workout better. I have never felt better in my life then when I am doing CrossFit. I have tried every type of exercise and not that it didn’t work but it didn’t challenge me and I did not see the results that I have seen with CrossFit. I have muscle!! I am strong!! I am more confident!!! I love CrossFit!!! It’s hard and sometimes it scares me but I have challenged myself in ways I would have never done before. I am grateful for what I have learned through the food challenge, I am grateful for the strength I have gained through the work outs, and I am grateful for the dedication of Crystal, Kym and Keith who take a personal interest in each of us to help make us better no matter what that means. I am not at my goal yet, but I can, for the first time in my life see it!!!

~Mindy Gailey



Hi all, participating in the food challenge was a wonderful experience!  Since starting in August, I am beyond happy with the changes and glad to have found something I really enjoyed doing…every thought is, “When I can make the next class?”

Anyway, back to the challenge, and that’s exactly what it was.  I don’t know how the other contestants did but I really struggled with leaving my old habits behind.  I started out, “Oh it’s the first 4 days, and I have 56 more to be better.”  Or, I would eat really well during the week and binge on the weekend, until finally only making poor choices once in a while.  Constantly reminding myself to not give up what I want most for what I want now.  By that point, I found my body changing and it gave me more motivation to continue to eat right.  The most rewarding experience I took away from this was sharing each step along the way with my students.  Letting them read my journal, incorporating crossfit into their lessons, and talking about making healthy choices made this so much more effective.  The students were supportive of me eating while they were working and even clapped for me when I told them my results.  Some even asked if they could sign up for the next one!

            Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the way my body is changing, (from “skinny-fat” to fit), how happy my mood has changed, how much more energy I have and the new sets of goals I have I didn’t even know existed.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds, here’s to 2014!

~Katie Cotner



11 epiphanies from my 60 day food challenge:


1). Starting the food challenge one month after basic was both a challenge and opportunity

2). Breaking bad habits is hard!

3). Fuel matters = what you put in your body is critical to change.

4). Preparation for the week is key to avoid temptation.

5). After 30 days I could absolutely feel my metabolism changing. 

6). I stopped thinking about food as a meal to take partake in, rather something that my body needed every couple hours.

7). My Camelback water bottle became my best friend

8). I can now do 50 handstand push-ups on the wall in the same set, before I could only do 2.

9). The seven minute mile is finally within reach – something I haven't seen for at least 25 years.

10). I never thought I would take a quart sized bag of veggies, homemade chicken strips, and smoked turkey to an Apple Cup game:). Yes my friends thought I had lost my mind!

11). Throughout the day thoughts became much clearer, my attitude was much more positive and the uncertainty of the Crossfit workout became something I looked forward to rather than dreaded.


Thanks CFP for the challenge!

~Ethan Offenbecher