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Have you met Kristin, our new Yoga instructor?


Kristin Davidson-Baldauf, is our new Yoga instructor.  She is also the wife of our Coach Troy.  She was also our New Year’s Food Challenge winner!  Here is a bit more about this extraordinary gal!

Kristin decided to participate in the food challenge for a few reasons. She had not been happy with her body and put on some weight that felt really uncomfortable. She wanted to feel better about herself and impact the relationship with her husband. Also, with a competitive nature she knew the challenge would motivate her and keep her accountable. She found journaling is key and could not emphasis that enough. According to Kristin, “It keeps you on track and it keeps you honest! If you’re embarrassed to write it down- you probably shouldn’t be eating it.” Journaling is something that Kristin has taken away from the challenge and will continue to do.

For the most part, the challenge was what she expected. Being a busy on the go person Kristin knew the meal prep and planning was going to be the biggest challenge. On top of that Kristin is not a fan of cooking and felt the odds were stacked against her in the beginning. It did not take her long to realize that would be the success or the failure of her food challenge.

A highlight for Kristin was breaking some 15+ year habits. Kristin drank a diet coke a day for the last 15 years at least. This changed and she has not had one or missed it since the challenge began. Also, she was drinking alcohol at least five nights per week, she believed her 1-3 drinks per night were needed after a long day and deserved. Kristin said, “Giving up something that had a big hold on me feels really, really empowering.”

When she did her final weigh in, no one was more surprised and happy with the results than she was. Her initial goal was decrease her body fat percentage by 4% during the 6-week challenge. Her final weigh in her body fat percentage decreased 7.5%. She was blown away! Though she has bigger fitness goals for her future the food challenge was the perfect catalyst.

As Kristin has grown stronger physically she expectantly released a lot of grief and emotional pain. Pushing her physical limits rebuild confidence that pulled her from the deep end of a year-long depression. The challenge reaffirmed to her, “I am not stuck. I am not stuck in depression. I am not stuck in sadness. I have the ability to change my path at any time in my life.  I feel limitless. I feel strong”. For Kristin the challenge was more than changing eating habits, it was about changing everything.

She never would have imagined that with every lift, jump, squat, pull-up, and bead of sweat that she would be getting closer not only to a healthy body, but a healthier mind. This challenge has given her a new outlook her future she no longer has limitations. She’s happier and a better wife. This challenge showed her with commitment to herself she can dramatically change her circumstances.

Now, she is leading our twice weekly Yoga classes upstairs – Tuesdays at 8am and Thursdays at 6:30 pm.

Think you can’t do yoga because you’re not flexible? You don’t have time? It doesn’t work? It’s for women? The first thing we want all CFP athletes to know is that yoga is for EVERYONE and should be a part of your physical fitness routine. Just like Crossfit is scaled to accommodate all students of varying abilities, yoga works the same way. Yoga should be part of every fitness plan because it helps reduce the risk of overuse injuries, improves muscular balance, targets your muscles in new and different ways, and aids in muscle recovery. Yoga for Crossfitters includes constantly varied, functional movements at a low intensity for populations who are used to working at a high intensity (www.yogiwod.com).

Classes will help you improve your mobility, flexibility, and balance so you can perform better in your WOD’s, other athletic activities, and daily life. In addition to the improving strength and flexibility, yoga will help all students improve focus, breath efficiency and work on being present. This class is open to all levels and everyone is welcome!