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Meal Prep 101

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By Sarah Henderson


“Meal prepping” seems to be all the rage these days. Going onto Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram gets you inspired when seeing some of your top athlete role models posting their colorful beautiful pictures of their meals for the upcoming week. As you scroll through your endless options of meal prep inspirations and ideas it becomes a bit overwhelming. Where do I begin? What is the best food combinations and am I portioning out enough food? What should my workout day meals look like in comparison to my rest day meals? What if I am burned out by Wednesday of what I prepped? I could go on and on. These are things that cross my mind often and I am sure I am not alone.


There are many meal plans and program templates out there that are great resources for those of you that just prefer to follow exact menu’s and eliminate the guess work. Those can be costly so lucky for us Coach Crystal has some pretty great Meal and Snack Ideas. There is the 3-2-1 EAT! How to fuel your body for optimum performance and health. This handout is loaded with useful information. From the ideal amount of water to drink daily to what types of food to avoid. The Recommended Foods handout provides you with information of the best proteins, carbohydrates, fats, oils, and seasonings to use. The combination of the three handouts provides you with endless combinations so you do not grow tired of the same old chicken and broccoli on repeat.


The best habit to get yourself into is picking a day every week that you commit to your meal prep. For me I prefer Sunday afternoon. Items you will need are: storage containers, plastic baggies, food scale, crockpot, baking sheets, pan, and a really good knife.  The food scale can vary in price but it is definitely worth it to invest in a good one if you are serious about making every meal count. Get your grocery list right off your handouts. This will save time and money by being prepared. As you get into your meal prepping down each week will get easier and before you know it, it is just part of your weekly routine. Another great way to stay on track is to get your friends involved. Meal prep together it is always good to have an accountability buddy! Be sure to share your meal prep photos and ideas and hashtag #321eat #crossfitpuyallup and #cfpfoodchallenge so we can cheer each other on!