“Out of the Box” WODs

Can’t make it to the gym or traveling out of town? Now you have NO EXCUSE to miss your WOD. Here is a list of 120 bodyweight-focused CrossFit-style workouts that you can do at home or on the road.

WODS for Time


Classic Body Weight Benchmarks

Small Area WODS



Scaling Suggestions :

Here are some ideas to modify these workouts if unable to do them as written. A word on numbers…. It is better to reduce numbers than range of motion. If a workout calls for multiple rounds, cut out the numbers within the rounds, not the number of rounds so that it will provide a similar metabolic effect. If it is a time priority workout, it is good to reduce the total time allotted.

  • Air squats: There is no sub. Work on your air squat.
  • Double Unders: One sub is to do singles with double the numbers, though this does nothing to actually develop the double under. Ideally you want to practice it after the substitution.
  • Handstand pushups: Static handstand holds for a specified number of seconds is a decent sub if you don’t have the strength to do a HSPU. Another good sub is incline pushups, done with feet propped high on a wall, side of pool, or piece of furniture.
  • Knees to elbows: Bring knees to armpits, chest, or as high as you can. Alternatively if you don’t have a pull-up bar, you can do strict V-Ups or ab-mat sit-ups.
  • L-Pullup: Do a strict pull-up followed by a straight hanging leg raise.
  • Lunges: There is no sub. Work on your lunges.
  • Muscle-ups: Sub is 3 pull-ups + 3 dips. In order to develop the strength needed to complete a muscle-up, a better sub is 3 chest to bar, false-grip, ring pull-ups + 3 deep, ring dips.
  • Pistols: Use a wall for balance. Hold a counter weight in your hand if it helps. If you cannot do a pistol, do air squats with a jump as high as you can on each one.
  • Pushups: Can be done on knees. It is better to lower the numbers and do them full range of motion rather than reduce the range of motion to get in the full number.
  • Pull-ups: Appropriate sub in a metcon is body rows on rings or a bar. Choose an appropriate height so that doing more than a few body rows difficult so that you build up the requisite strength. If you have body bands, hook them on the bar and under your foot. Jumping pull-ups (standing on a box about 9 inches under the bar) can be effective. Doing slow negatives will also build up requisite strength. Stand on a chair that allows you to have your chin over the bar, hold onto the bar, lift your legs up, and slowly release as far down as you can.
  • Ring dips: A good substitution is 3 bar dips for every 1 ring dip. If you don’t have dipping bars, you can use two adjacent chairs, or you can get on a chair to a pull-up bar and do bar dips with a pronated grip. Static holds on rings can also be effective.
  • Running: Nothing substitutes running. However burpees, box jumps, single-unders, and double-unders can provide a similar metabolic effect.
  • Toes to bar: See knees to elbows.