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The 2015 CrossFit OPEN at CFP

by Sarah Henderson


It’s that time of year again fellow CrossFitters!! The 2015 Crossfit OPEN is just around the corner starting February 26th and going through March 30th. With the OPEN approaching, we have heard a lot of buzz around the box. Some excitement, some nervousness, and some fear! Mostly we have heard fellow athletes asking what to expect. Well, rest assured the only thing you have to worry about is making new PR’s, getting unbroken double-unders, completing WODs you never dreamed possible and feeling good about yourself! We love the CrossFit OPEN here at CFP because it is more than a shot at the CrossFit Regionals. For u,s it is a great time with our CFP family!


Here at Crossfit Puyallup we like to spend our Friday evenings together completing each weekly OPEN WOD. Even if you are not doing the OPEN, you are still a part of it. We love a big cheering section FULL of all our athletes, friends, and family. The support pushes the competitors beyond their perceived limits to hit some incredible goals! So don’t think the OPEN is not for you because it is! It is for everyone!


This year, for the first time ever, there is a Teen and a Scaled division. Yes, we would all love to be the next champion like Rich Froning or Camille LaBlanc-Bazinet, but let’s just focus on being the best version of ourselves! Whether doing Rx or Scaled, you will feel so good just for participating in the OPEN. Just seeing your name on the same leaderboard as your favorite CrossFit athlete is an incredible feeling.


At the end of the OPEN (Friday March 27th) is our big CFP potluck celebration! We all come together to see our competitors through their final OPEN WOD then celebrate with a potluck party! So take whatever preconceived notion you may have about the OPEN and remove it from your mind. Get signed up today! Go to games.crossfit.com! You have until Thursday February 26th at 5pm to sign up. You will be happy you did.