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  1. WODs for Week of 6/19/17



    ******CHOOSE ONE OF THESE*****

    Floor Press 8-8-8 (about 10 mins)
    EMOM Ping Pong, 4 sets (8 min)
    1) 5 Pushups on parallettes
    2) 8 Dumbbell Row (two handed)

    rest 5 min

    Circuit EMOM, 3 sets (12min)
    1) 30 sec Waiter’s Walk (Left), heavy KB
    2) 2 Power Clean (@Pause Front Squat 8RM wt)
    3) 30 sec Waiter’s Walk (Right), heavy KB
    4) 2 Power Clean (@ Pause Front Squat 8RM)

    rest 5 min

    Circuit EMOM, 3 sets (9 min)
    1) 7 sec Bottom Ring Dip Hold
    2) 3 Ring L-Pull-Up (sit on floor and pull up or jump into an L Hold on the bar and lower slowly)
    3) 10 sec Wall Handstand Hold, facing wall (chest/nose to wall)






    Pause Front Squat 9RM, 2 sec pause

    EMOM Ping Pong, 7 sets (14min)
    1) 4 Weighted step-ups with Kettlebells (Left)
    2) 4 Weighted step-ups with Kettlebells (Right)

    rest 5 min

    Circuit EMOM, 4 sets (12min)
    1) 10 GHD Situps or 20 Situps
    2) 5 Deadlifts @ Back Squat 7RM
    3) 5 Box Jumps (30/24), step down





    KB Swings (with proper setup/start pos) and DU technique


    3 rft:
    30 kettlebell swings, 53/44, 44/35, 35/26
    20 double unders
    Run 400 meters







    STRIKING CLASS at 6pm!  Come try something new! 



    EMOM Ping Pong, 5 sets (10 mins)
    1) 20 Tuck Up
    2) 30 sec Bottom of Squat Hold


    AMRAP 10:

    100m Run (85% effort)
    100m Power walk



    Overhead Press 8-8-8

    Circuit EMOM, 4 sets (8 mins)
    1) 4 Ring Pushups- elevated foot, 12″ off the ground
    2) 20 sec L-sit, max time if you can’t do 20 sec
    3) 20 sec Ring Plank Hold


    For time: 30-20-10-5
    Row for Calories
    Overhead Lunges 35/25# plate



    Come do the WOD or work on another WOD or skill

    Coach on the floor  














    Mark your calendars for CFP Field Day on Saturday, July 1st!  No WODs at the gym.  We will meet at Sunset Stadium in Sumner at 8:30 am for 2 hours of fun!  Warm up, Skill work, timed run options, Team WOD, Stadium workout and stretching/recovery ALL included!  FREE!  


    EMOM Ping Pong, 3 sets (6 mins)
    1) 1 wall walk
    2) 30 sec Hollow Body Hold

    SKILL: Double Under technique


    4 sets:

    1 min Double Unders
    rest 2 min between sets

    Record total reps

    Listed below are 6 “Cardio” or “Met Con” workout options that can be done at the gym during regular classes.  We are including these options to encourage athletes to increase their cardiovascular capacity. We recommend completing 2 or more of these “cardio” workouts per week outside of regular WOD classes.

    Pick one, they all take about 30-40 mins.  With warm up and cool down, each one should be able to completed during a 1 hour WOD class. Complete a dynamic warm up of 5-10 mins of R,R,R, or R (on your own or with the class) before each cardio option and walk 200+ M after the workout to cool down!

    OPTION 1:

    AMRAP 40
    Row 500 meters  Strong pace!
    100 double-unders

    OPTION 2:

    4 rft
    Lunge 100 meters   Fast, steady pace!
    Run 300 meters

    OPTION 3:

    Lunge 200m  Fast, steady pace!
    complete 3 rnds Tabata on bike, 1min rest between rnds*
    Lunge 200m  Fast, steady pace!

    * ride as hard as you can for 20 secs and stop completely for 10 secs.  Use red BRAKE on bike to stop!

    OPTION 4:

    Row 1000M    Strong and hard!
    Complete 3 rnds Tabata on bike, 1min rest bw rnds
    Row 1000M     Strong and hard!

    OPTION 5:

    AMRAP 30

    Row 500 M as hard as possible!

    Run 800 M

    OPTION 6:

    Run to the Base of the Summit

    Strong, powerful Walk to the Top and back x 2

    Run back to the gym

    ~Approx 40 mins

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