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  1. WODs for Week of 7/24/17




    Odd Mins: 12 sec Handstand Hold, wall facing
    Even mins: 30 sec Hollow Hold


    3 sets, every 3 mins:

    50 Double Unders
    25 Situps



    Back Squat 4-4-4

    Odd Mins: 1 Back Squat @ 4RM
    Even Mins: 12 sec L-sit, or max time if you can’t do 12 sec

    4 Bear Complex @ 50% of Back Squat 4rm, every 4 mins

    Bear Complex is a sequence of the following movements: Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Push Press

    Perform 4 sets of the complex every 4 minutes for 4 rounds total. The bar cannot rest on the floor during your 4 complexes. If you must rest, its either in the hang position, front rack or back rack.


    Warm Up:  CrossFit Tic Tac Toe




    For Time (3 rounds, 15 reps each)

    Pullups, air squats, Pushups, Situps, GHD Back Ext, Ring dips


    STRIKING CLASS at 6pm!  

    Come try something new! 







    Happy Birthday Coach Laura!!!











    Odd mins: 10 Pushups
    Even mins: 10 V-Ups * scale w Tuck Ups


    3 sets, every 3 mins:

    400m Run (or 500m row)



    Floor Press 4-4-4

    Then, choice of EMOM #1 or #2 & #3 

    #1 Circuit EMOM15:
    8 Slow Ring Rows
    12 Sec Ring Support Hold
    12 sec Bottom Ring Dip Hold


    #2 EMOM6:
    5 Touch & Go Power Clean & Jerk (Wt @ Muscle Snatch 4RM)

    rest 5 min, then, if time:

    #3 EMOM6:
    10 Burpees, as fast as possible








    OPEN GYM TONIGHT 5 – 7pm

    Come do the WOD or work on another WOD or skill

    Coach on the floor  








    Strongman Day! 



    Stone technique 


    “The Guillotine”


    10 Ring Pushups/or Wide Grip Pullups

    10 Shoulder Stones

    20 Alt Sledge Hammer hits

    100m Odd Object/or Farmer Carry



    Listed below are 6 “Cardio” or “Met Con” workout options that can be done at the gym during regular classes.  We are including these options to encourage athletes to increase their cardiovascular capacity. We recommend completing 2 or more of these “cardio” workouts per week outside of regular WOD classes.

    Pick one, they all take about 30-40 mins.  With warm up and cool down, each one should be able to completed during a 1 hour WOD class. Complete a dynamic warm up of 5-10 mins of R,R,R, or R (on your own or with the class) before each cardio option and walk 200+ M after the workout to cool down!

    OPTION 1:

    AMRAP 40
    Row 500 meters  Strong pace!
    100 double-unders

    OPTION 2:

    4 rft
    Lunge 100 meters   Fast, steady pace!
    Run 300 meters

    OPTION 3:

    Lunge 200m  Fast, steady pace!
    complete 3 rnds Tabata on bike, 1min rest between rnds*
    Lunge 200m  Fast, steady pace!

    * ride as hard as you can for 20 secs and stop completely for 10 secs.  Use red BRAKE on bike to stop!

    OPTION 4:

    Row 1000M    Strong and hard!
    Complete 3 rnds Tabata on bike, 1min rest bw rnds
    Row 1000M     Strong and hard!

    OPTION 5:

    AMRAP 30

    Row 500 M as hard as possible!

    Run 800 M

    OPTION 6:

    Run to the Base of the Summit

    Strong, powerful Walk to the Top and back x 2

    Run back to the gym

    ~Approx 40 mins

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