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What Have You Been Doing?

Have you
ever been in a conversation with someone and told them about CrossFit and what
it has done for you?  It could be any
type of conversation, maybe one that starts with a friend that you haven’t seen
for a few months and when you finally meet up they barely recognize you.  Immediately they want to know what you are
doing to make the physical change, and the longer you visit and talk, the same
person notices a mental/psychological change to match.  Better posture, less body fat, more
musculature, healthier skin, bigger smile, more confidence, and your self
esteem is improving…… all side effects of CrossFit.  People notice, and they want to know how YOU
did it.

Tell them.  I repeat, tell them.  Tell them about your hard work and commitment
to a better life.  Share with them the
times you succeeded at learning a new movement, let them know about the times
you did an AMRAP and did awesome.  Tell
them about the time you did a chipper and were the last one on the floor
working, only to be cheered on by the very people that you worked out with
during that class.  Let them know that
you now can do a really nice Power Clean (Olympic lift) when only months ago
you could not even imagine putting 8-12 different movements together to make it
one fluid motion (a thing of beauty). 
Then, when the person you’re talking to says something to the effect of
“I could never do that” or “I’m too out of shape to do something like that” be
prepared to answer with this: “Of course you can do this, the only reason you
can’t is because you tell yourself that you can’t.” 

In fact, try
to remember for yourself what your challenges were when you first started and
share them.  Maybe it was the kipping
pull up, maybe double-unders or maybe the box jump.  As most of you that are already athletes at
CrossFit Puyallup family know, there are progressions and modifications for
everything.  One of the most satisfying
moments that we as coaches have is when an athlete overcomes his or her own
obstacle and perfects a movement.  You
earned this, the one behind the success is you. 
Physical and mental limitations that are reached, surpassed and left
behind are the hurdles that cripple people every day.  You have taken it upon yourself to push past
all of the hurdles and obstacles and your friends and family can see it.  Your story is what they want to hear, so tell

If you need
a little help articulating an answer for your family and friends, here is
CrossFit’s answer to the question “Is this for me?”

Training guide states: “Absolutely! Your needs and the Olympic athlete’s differ
by degree not kind.  Increased power,
strength, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, flexibility, stamina,
coordination, agility, balance, and coordination are each important to the
world’s best athletes and to our grandparents. 
The amazing truth is that the very same methods that elicit optimal
response in the Olympic or professional athlete will optimize the same response
in the elderly.  Of course, we can’t load
your grandmother with the same squatting weight that we’d assign an Olympic
skier, but they both need to squat.  In
fact, squatting is essential to maintaining independence and improving
fitness.  Squatting is just one example
of a movement that is universally valuable and essential yet rarely taught to
any but the most advanced athletes.  This
is a tragedy.”

What this
says to me is that it is not a matter of how much you are lifting or moving, it
is about the action of the movement. 
Quite frankly, the thought that we don’t do CrossFit foundational
movement in everyday life is sadly mistaken. 
We are constantly squatting, performing dead lifts, holding items overhead
and resting items on our shoulders.  Just
these four examples are movements that we perform in many of our daily tasks
and getting better at these not only benefits oneself, but others around him/her.  Most of you have heard the example of sitting
on the toilet relating to a squat, that same movement can be found in both the
bathroom and the WOD.  Pretty cool, huh?  Think about this, those of you with small
children in your life can relate,  how
joyful is it when you can get down on the floor and play with your
children/grandchildren, pick them up and hold them without worrying about
hurting your back on the way up? 
Relationships thrive on this type of foundational movement.

So, this
holiday season, when you are gathered with friends and family be proud of your
accomplishments and share with them your successes and achievements.  They are proud of you and maybe your story
will inspire Uncle Frank to do something to get off those blood pressure medications,
or Aunt Mildred sees in you a way to start working towards better
cardiovascular health and can now find a way to get off cholesterol medication,
or maybe it’s your crazy cousin that is just looking for an insanely effective
way to lose some weight.  Whatever the
other person’s story, offer him/her a chance to write a new chapter by sharing
with them your newest chapter in life…being part of a great community called

By AC Newman

Dec 19, 2012