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What is your WHY?

my why

We want to know WHY you CrossFit! What motivates you? Are you here to lose weight? Gain weight? Get stronger? Compete? Make friends? What is it??? Rather than a New Year’s Resolution, CrossFit Puyallup’s vision for 2016 is focusing on your “WHY”

Join us in campaigning to focus on the WHY. Post a selfie that says “This is WHY I CrossFit” with your WHY written on a board or paper to your FB or IG account. Be sure to “check in” at CrossFit Puyallup and/or tag us so we get the picture link!  Include these hashtags in your post:

#2016 #crossfitpuyallup #cfp #mycrossfitwhy

All posts will be added to our website “WHY I CROSSFIT” Photo Gallery